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About Me

Why “ArcticDog”? Well, I love huskies, and all other things canine.

I’m the only Unix (Solaris and various flavours of Linux) system and network administrator at a medium sized company. As such, I’m a bit of a generalist – I do everything from changing printer toners and patching in cables, right through to debugging code and keeping the website and systems up 24/7.  This means I’m often required to pick up new technologies and ideas very quickly, and to be able to solve everything!

Sometimes I dream of specialising and to be able to sit there guru-like as I squeeze the last pico-second of performance out of an Oracle database, or be able to read an octal dump of a TCP packet as if it were my mother tongue. Alas, I don’t think this will happen – but  I get to dabble in a lot of things, so I don’t get bored, and I can at least pretend to know what I’m talking about on a lot of tech subjects

The purpose of this blog is partly so I can keep a record of what I’ve learnt, and partly to help my fellow sysadmins in a similar position.